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Why Zinc

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Zinc is Reef Safe

  • “In a 2016 study, a team of international scientists found that a common chemical in many sunscreen lotions and cosmetics is highly toxic to juvenile corals and other marine life.”

       Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology [4]

  • “54% said they would be personally affected if the health of the Great Barrier Reef declined.” [5]

  • “86% of Australians were proud that the Great Barrier Reef is a World Heritage Area, and most agreed that it was the responsibility of all Australians to protect it (81%).” [5]



100% Zinc Active Sunscreen is the Choice for Sensitive Skin

  • “When questioned, over 50% of women in the UK and US (102 million), and 38% of men (75 million), report that they have sensitive skin.”[8]

  • “In 2020, a study showed more than 30% of 945 patients had at lease 1 allergic reaction to cosmetics.” [9]

 Zinc Five-0 is Gluten Free 


  • “The number of Americans going Gluten- Free has tripled since 2009.” [10]

  • “3.1 million people across the United States follow a gluten-free diet. 72 percent of them are classified as "PWAGs" - people without celiac disease avoiding gluten” [10]



 Zinc Five-0 is Cruelty Free 


  • “Animals such as rabbits, rats, mice, and guinea pigs are sometimes forced to eat or inhale substances, or have a cosmetic ingredient rubbed onto their shaved skin, eyes or ears every day for 28 or 90 days to see if they have an allergic reaction. Then they are killed and cut open to examine the effects the ingredient has on internal organs. These tests are also done with pregnant animals who, after much suffering, are killed along with the fetus.” [11]


Zinc Oxide is Anti-inflammatory

  • “In developing countries nearly 30% of the population are zinc deficient.” [12]

  • “Zinc deficiency is currently the fifth leading cause of mortality and morbidity in developing countries” [13]

  • “There is strong evidence between zinc deficiency and several infectious diseases such as malaria, HIV, tuberculosis, measles, and pneumonia.” [13]

Zinc Oxide is Anti-bacterial & Wound Healing 

  • “Zinc had been used during the regime of Pharaohs, and historical records show that Zinc Oxide was used in many ointments for the treatment of injuries and boils even in 2000 BC” [14]

  • “Of all natural and synthetic wound dressing materials, the chitosan hydrogel microporous bandages laced with zinc oxide nanoparticles developed by Kumar Etal are highly effective in treating burns, wounds and diabetic foot ulcers” [14]

Zinc Oxide is Child Safe


  • “Zinc is known to play a critical role in biological processes including cell growth, differentiation and metabolism and deficiency in this micronutrient restricts childhood growth and decreases resistance in infections, which contribute significantly to morbidity and mortality in young children.” [15]

  • “In 2011, it was estimated that 116, 000 child deaths per year are attributable to zinc deficiency.” [16]



Zinc Five-0 is Pregnancy Safe 

  • “It is estimated that over 80% of pregnant women worldwide have inadequate zinc intake, consuming on average 9.6 mg zinc per day, well below the recommended minimum daily levels for the last two trimesters of pregnancy in settings of low zinc bioavailability.” [17]

  • “Three other studies reported statistically significant associations between oxybenzone exposure during pregnancy and birth outcomes. One reported shorter pregnancies in women carrying male fetuses; two reported higher birth weights in baby boys; and one found lower birth weights in baby girls (Ghazipura 2017)” [18]

  • “Octocrylene- Found in mother’s milk; skin penetration in lab studies”

  • “Oxybenzone- Detected in nearly every American; found in mother’s milk; 1% to 9% skin penetration in lab studies.”

  • ”Octinoxate- Found in mother’s milk; less than 1% skin penetration in human and laboratory studies.”

  • “Homoslate- Found in mother’s milk; skin penetration in human and laboratory studies.”

  • “Octislate- Skin penetration in lab studies”

  • “Avobenzone- Very limited skin penetration”

  • “Mexoryl SX- Less than 0.16% skin penetration in human volunteers.” [18]






9 Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. Results of patch testing to personal care product allergens in a standard series and a  supplemental cosmetic series: An analysis of 945 patients from the Mayo Clinic Contact Dermatitis Group, 200-2007











Why does Zinc Five-0 not use Titanium Dioxide?

As of Janurary 2020, France Banned Titanium Dioxide as a food additive due to studies on ingestion showing pre-tumorous damage in the colon.

Thumbsucking is very common in children under four acording to the ADA (American Dental Association), putting them at risk of ingestion if applied with Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen.

For this reason Zinc Five-0 does not include Titanium Dioxide in any products.

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